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Commercial Law


We take the pain out of contracting, working with you to understand your business and take care of your contracting needs whether they are big or small, simple or complex. Contact us so we can understand your requirements. 

Legal Process Consultancy


Do you have an in-house legal department? Struggling to measure their productivity or efficiency even though they're on the verge of burn out? We can help.

Managed Legal Services


Does your company have high volumes of low value contracts which you are either paying an external attorney an exorbitant hourly rate for, or leaves your in-house legal team drowning, not able to focus on high value, strategic contracts? Contact us.

Popia / GDPR


All businesses must comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act.. That means that you need to protect the personal information of other businesses and individuals. To help you do that, you need some policies in place. We also have experience in dealing with the European equivalent of POPIA, known as GDPR. We can draft the necessary policies and contractual amendments for you. Contact us.



If you have a business, chances are, there are a number of pieces of legislation that you need to comply with. Do you know what these are and what you need to do to ensure you're compliant? Contact us.

Paige Law is an official compliance content provider to BarnOwl for its compliance software solution.

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