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Paige Law is a commercial law firm that does things differently. We:


  • stay away from billable hours as far as possible;

  • don't sweat the small stuff but we are detail oriented;

  • are client-centric, but committed to a healthy work-life balance;

  • love technology and are always looking at ways in which to improve our services generally and through the use of technology;

  • get to know clients' businesses, working with clients to understand their risk strategies and ensuring that the agreements we draft/negotiate for them are practical and efficient whilst addressing their risks.


When we have positions available, we will post them below and if the above sounds like the way you like to work, we'd like to hear from you.

Network Lawyers

We’re constantly on the hunt for fellow legal disrupters!


Are you  looking for the comfort of connecting with other legal practitioners in the commercial legal space while maintaining your independence? Paige Law could be the place for you.

We encourage sharing of ideas and technological advances to offer a high quality, well-rounded service to clients. At Paige Law, our focus is on drafting simple, succinct agreements which address our clients' risks, whilst ensuring they are practical living documents as well. If this sounds like you and you'd be interested in joining our network of highly-skilled legal disrupters, get in touch

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